Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 went on sale in the US yesterday, which features a quad core 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos processor and 2GB of RAM, 10.1 inch touch-screen display, a microSD card slot, USB 2.0, Bluetooh 4.0, WiFi Direct, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, a 1.9 megapixel on the front, a 5 megapixel camera on the back and also comes with Samsung’s S-Pen.


This is the official hands-on video of GALAXY Note 10.1. Learn more about the exciting features that enhance productivity, creativity and learning capabilities.

The GALAXY Note 10.1 is outfitted with the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on a 10.1-inch-large-display.

Featuring an intuitive user experience and armed with superior hardware performance, GALAXY Note 10.1 is designed to simplify idea capturing, information access, and multi-tasking, making each easier and faster.

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  • Riley

    Sure there is the fast processor and the fancy pen, but I can’t find good reason to pay the same price as an iPad for those small features. At least with an iPad, I would get a better screen and the option to get an LTE plan. I’ve tried LTE on my Dish coworker’s iPad using the Dish Remote Access app, and streaming always comes in smooth. I like watching live and recorded shows on my current iPad through the Sling Adapter that I have connected to my Hopper, and the option to watch TV or open a document when and where I want would be helpful. I’ll be sure to test the Note 10.1 out to see how it works compared to the iPad.