House of Bijan | The Most Expensive Boutique in the World


A universe unto itself, the House of Bijan is the legendary showroom located on 420 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Shopping at the boutique is billed as the most expensive store in the world. On a video on his website Bijan proclaims: “I happen to be the most expensive clothing designer in the world. I’m sorry for that.”

The names of some of Mr. Bijan’s well-known clients are engraved on the front window of the boutique and an appointment is the only way to gain access into this exclusive world, where a pair of socks will cost you $50. A suit, $50,000. In 1981, Bijan created the first perfume for men, the 6 oz. bottle is now priced at $3,000. The Bijan perfume bottle is a featured exhibit at the Smithsonian! Mr. Bijan’s exclusive designs now include suits, shirts, ties, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and watches, briefcases, luggage and, of course, fragrances.

A Bugatti owned by now-deceased designer Bijan Pakzad, which is parked in front of his House of Bijan boutique and has become a landmark on Rodeo Drive. Iranian-born Bijan died back in April 2011 after suffering a massive stroke. Since then, either the manager or the designer’s son has parked the $1.7 million car in front of the store in tribute.