Bandit9 Nero Motorcycle


First started in Saigon, custom motorcycle builder Daryl Villanueva relocated his Bandit9 design shop to Beijing last year when he realized there were no rumbling ride of art on its streets. Since then, Bandit9 has become a specialist in the conversion of Chang Jiang 750 (aka Yangtze River 750), a Chinese replica of the Soviet-made M72. While unassuming and dull at first, thanks to Villanueva’s penchant for details and the well designed, the converted Chang Jiang 750, now branded as Bandit9 NERO, is a bike to behold upon.

Wheels: 4.00 x 19 front and rear.
Front Spoke Rims. Back Alloy Wheels.

Upgraded front disc brake.

Custom Bandit9 matte black paint. Custom Bandit9 exhaust. Custom Bandit9 gas tank and cap. Custom Bandit9 handlebar. Custom Bandit9 rear fender and brake light. Custom Bandit9 headlight. Custom Bandit9 turn signals and switches. Custom Bandit9 seat.