Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284


The Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 is their very best model. This thoughtfully designed land clearing tool cuts brush and saplings up to 1 ½” in diameter with a single stroke. The chisel sharp sickle hook is great for slicing through blackberries and other woody vines with a tug.

The curved leather grip is extremely comfortable in the hand, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It requires less effort to maintain a safe grip and reduces the tendency for hot spots that lead to blisters. The wrap around knuckle guard not only protects, it helps keep the hand from sliding off the handle.

When paired with the vintage canvas sheath, the Woodman’s Pal is easily and safely carried during a variety of activities. It is preferred by Surveyors, Foresters, Nurserymen, Fire & Rescue, Hunters, Campers, Hikers, Survivalists, Pilots, Boaters, Land Managers, Gardeners, Farmers and Highway Crews.