Entourage | The Complete Series


Entourage The Complete Series is coming to Blu-ray Disc on November 6th via HBO (Warner Home Video). The 16-disc box set includes all eight seasons of the show. Tech specs for the release include full 1080p Hi-Def video in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio and DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio sound. The bonus materials set to be included on the release are listed below.

22 Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew
“Behind-the-Scenes of Entourage”
“The Mark Wahlberg Sessions”
“Vegas, Baby, Vegas”
“Anatomy of Entourage”
“Museum of Television & Radio Panel”
“Meet the Newest Member of Entourage”
“Medellin Trailer”
“Making of Medellin”
“USCAF Aspen Panel Discussion”
“The Celebrity Factor”
“Ferrari Speedway Piece”
“Life At The Top, BTS piece”
“One X One PSA, directed by Matt Damon”
“Extended BTS Piece”
“Interview with Sasha Grey”
“Hollywood Sunset: Roundtable with Cast”