Television’s Best Characters Illustrated in Contemporary Fashion


As the popular aphorism goes, “The clothes make the man.” There’s something deep down inside a person that inherently decides on an outward appearance that is a direct reflection of inner turmoil, upbringing and value system. The result is an accoutrement of character – with stitches, buttons and cuffs serving as a sartorial road map as to how a person views the world.

We’re undoubtedly in a golden age of television – a medium in which actors and writers used to take a distinct backseat to their film counterparts. Now, thanks to choice favorites like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, viewers are treated to a brooding hodgepodge of characters whose week to week trials and tribulations transcend the classic three-act structure. Sure, the clothes don’t actually make the man, but they do make the characters. From immaculate suits worn by Don Draper in the ’60s to the dark outerwear favored by Jon Snow during his time spent beyond the Wall, their character traits and costumes are easily translatable to current labels and trends. Fashion has always been reciprocal – even for those that inhibit a fictional world.

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