NIKE Hyperdunk Lunar | #GameOnWorld Event In LA


When it comes to iconic brands, Nike’s either at the top of the list or near the apex because its innovation and all around creativity.

You may have seen the company’s new commercial featuring NBA Finals MVP LeBron James dunking the ball. The clip is, in fact, promo for the Nike’s newest sneaker set to take over the country this summer. The Nike Hyperdunk Lunar 2012 shoe is just one enticement. The liberation of the footwear is set to accomplish a bigger, much more groundbreaking goal. For years, sneakers have boasted the claim their product will help consumers play better and jump higher. Now, Nike can actually stake claim to it. Well, with a new mobile app and the birth of Nike+ technology and the suspension-cable Flywire system, one actually can track their results. And check this, the shoe actually keeps track of all the information for you!

Expect the new line of shoes to be prominently featured in the upcoming London Olympics. The Dallas Mavericks’ Yi Jianlian will be sporting a custom made pair for his Chinese National Team and LeBron himself will be rocking a pair as well. Look for the black, blue and metallic pair to make impact first on June 29.