Road to Restaurant Rumble 2012


Restaurant Rumble 2012, is a charity boxing event organized by Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association.

With 12 weeks of training beginning on April 16th, any individual that works in the local service industry (or any profession that ever wore an apron, for that matter) can live the dream, and trade in their apron for a pair of boxing gloves in order to fight for the greater good.

They will train in a real gym, with real fighters and for just one night they will experience the lights, the energy and the adrenaline while they duel to the death* in a battle of fisticuffs in front of hundreds of their peers!

Bartenders, barbers, butchers and baristas will battle! Meat Packers, Managers, Maids and the Maître ‘D will maim* one another!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to compete in a grueling spectacle of carnage* with a punctuation of barely palatable pageantry!

It will be a tertiary-sector tilt; a foie-gras-fueled fight night! Watch in content as the bitter, brawling fists of the bartender mercilessly mangle the restaurant manager’s mug.

By the end of their training, participants will be so tough both mentally and physical that in the words of Muhammad Ali, they will be “murdering rocks” and “injuring stones”! They will be able to “hospitalize a brick” — they’ll be “so mean they’ll make medicine sick”!

Good luck to our homie JJ reppin for L’abattoir