PRO’s PICKs for UFC 148, Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen ft. Munoz, Cruz, Bendo & Texeira


Joseph Benavidez – “I think that was Sonnen’s time to win and Anderson is gonna go in there and do what he has been to people….”

Mark Munoz – “Anderson was tough to take down when I trained with him” & “Chael’s still gonna bring that stank.”

Dominick Cruz – “As long as he (Sonnen) can keep his head out of a triangle he should do just fine.”

Ben Henderson – “Anderson showed us heart

T.J. Dillashaw – “I think Silva is gonna take it.”

Glover Texeira – “This time I think Anderson will come 100% and beat him all rounds.”

Joe Lauzon – “I don’t think Anderson can get his takedown defense up there in time to deal with Sonnen.”