• Mohan

    I don’t think this is a good display. I like the message though. I am very disappointed with the display we had last night. I don’t think we represent what happened last night. I was little disappointed with VPD. I always have faith in law and order in this country.

  • Cst. Lindsay Houghton

    What’s your facebook? We’re brining you to justice.

  • Riot Man

    Hey Cst. Lindsay Houghton, they call me RIOT MAN. What are my powers? Well let me tell you – I RIOT! That’s it. I go to cities where there are riots, and just beginning rioting like you’ve never seen before. You’ll see others smash windows, loot and steal items in stores – not me – I take it a step further — I attach flame throwers to my arms and burn shit down. Those police cars in Vancouver, yup, courtesy of RIOT MAN. You should meet my brother Captain Looter. Boy is he crazy too. Oh, and you want my Facebook? Look up “allidoisriot” and you’ll find me, or not. RIOT MAN RULES.