Brees Has Big Money, Opportunities Still Ahead


Can any one athlete have a bigger night than Drew Brees did Monday in a 45-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons?

The New Orleans Saints quarterback did much more than “just” set a new NFL record for passing yards in a season. When Brees tossed a nine-yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles, he did much more than throw for 5,087 yards in a season.

For starters, Brees broke the bank. His agent and the Saints were unable to come to an agreement on a contract extension for Brees, whose current deal expires after the season. The five-year, $90 million dollar extension that the Indianapolis Colts gave Peyton Manning will certainly be eclipsed by Brees. Manning’s deal includes a whopping $69 million in the first three years. In the current negotiation, Brees holds all the cards. He should ask for the moon, and he should get it.

Here’s a ringing endorsement from offensive tackle Zach Strief. “I have never met anybody who deserves the record more. Not just as a football player, but a person. He deserves anything that comes his way like this. We are excited for him.”

Can you imagine Saints general manager Mickey Loomis trying to explain why the Saints and Brees can’t get to a deal, and why New Orleans has to place the franchise tag on the single most significant Saint, ever?

The Saints will eventually fold.

Whether the Saints win another Super Bowl or not, Brees has already earned induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Brees is the first quarterback in NFL history to have a pair of 5,000 yard passing seasons. And, by beating the Colts in the Super Bowl, Brees did the unthinkable: he led one of the perpetually bad franchises in pro sports to a Super Bowl title and an unparalled run of excellence.

If the Saints beat the Panthers Sunday, it will be the franchise’s 37th regular season win in the past three seasons.

In an interview in 2009, Brees giggled when asked if he would consider a career in politics. Can you imagine Drew Brees running for Mayor of New Orleans?

Other than the obvious – Brees has no political experience – he has zero negatives. Add in the fact that he is not “a career politician,” considered a huge plus to many voters.

Can you imagine a potential political opponent, with millions of dollars in the war chest for negative TV ads, taking their shots at Drew Brees?

All Brees has to say is, “I choose to come New Orleans. I am a proven leader. I am a uniter, not a divider. I love New Orleans.”

Case closed.

Drew Brees’ future is as delicious as one of our area’s famous charbroiled oysters.

Plus, if former Saints quarterback Heath Shuler (a nice guy but woefully inaccurate) can run for Congress in North Carolina and win, why can’t Brees?

It’s a Breesy world, and if you are a Saints fan, you are delighted to be living it.

–Ed Daniels