5 Amusing Excuses People Use When Pulled Over For Speeding


People get pulled over by the police every day for copious amounts of reasons. There are an abundance of offences committed while driving and speeding tends to be the most common of the bunch. There are 2 ways of being fined for speeding, 1 – caught by a speed camera and 2 – pulled over and fined by the police. Being caught on camera is instant and you can expect to receive a fine in the mail in a week or so. However, if you get pulled over by a police car, you have a slight chance to wriggle out of a fine being that is about to be issued.

So what types of excuses do people come up with? There are heaps. Some can only be used by certain genders or certain age groups. However here are 5 amusing excuses that people come up with when pulled over for speeding.

Busting for the Toilet

This one has been used by many people I know, however it has never actually worked. When pulled over by the police for speeding you can try look in pain or uncomfortable by rocking back and forth and informing them that you are busting to use the toilet. This way you try generate some sympathy and display the fact you have a legitimate excuse for breaking the speed limit.

An Emergency

You could, when approached by the officer, be in a massive panic and abruptly explain that there is an emergency you are attending to. You have to be careful with this one as if the police actually believe you, they may wish to follow you to assist. However you will have to think quick, as the extremity of the emergency you make up, may determine the outcome and the fine generated.

Bust out the Tears

Once pulled over you can apply the waterworks. This will only potentially work if a woman. If a guy tried this, the police will simply laugh or disregard it. However if a woman attempts this, it may have a more positive effect. I also know someone that has tried this, however was ineffective and she was fined for speeding anyway. You would have to be pretty persuasive in your acting to make the police actually feel sympathetic enough to let you off with a warning.

My Wife is Having a Baby

Now clearly you have to be a guy to pull this one off. Once the officer asks you why you were speeding, you could mention that your wife is in labour and you are rushing to the hospital. You will have to be in a suitable location to pull it off, as in driving somewhat in the direction of a hospital. This could also be risky because if they believe you they may offer you a ride to the hospital in the police car, then you’ll be stranded.

Missing Your Favourite TV Show

This one has actually worked for one of my friends in the past. Once she was pulled over and the police asked her why he was speeding, she actually fessed up, apologised and told the officer that she was missing her favourite TV show Melrose Place. The current episode was already 5 minutes in and she was rushing to get home so she didn’t miss too much of it. The police officer actually laughed, didn’t fine her and let her go. It’s funny how telling the truth, no matter how drastic it may have been, actually paid off in this case.

If you have any funnier, or even better excuses that tend to work when being pulled over for speeding, share them with us.

About our Guest Author: 
James H is a comedian based in Perth, Australia. He recently bought a used car from one of the Suzuki Perth dealers and found himself in a situation where he needed to use one of these excuses, however it didn’t work.