Vancouver-Sydney Drug Bust


A quantity of cocaine is seen in this file photo. Five Australians have been arrested in connection with a scheme to traffic drugs between Vancouver and Sydney.

VANCOUVER – Five Australians have been charged after allegedly smuggling $8-million worth of cocaine, ecstasy and crystal meth out of Vancouver and into Sydney.

Renee Ribout, spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency, said officers used a fibrescope on Dec. 30, 2011 to examine the interior of a metal frame that was being used to support a high-end stove being flown to Australia.

When an object was noticed inside the frame, it was cut open and inside officers found six kilograms of cocaine, 12 kilogram of MDMA and 1.9 kilogram of crystal methamphetamine.

Australian authorities were notified and it was decided to allow the shipment to be flown to Sydney. Upon arrival on Jan. 7, police followed the shipment to homes in The Entrance, north of Sydney, and nearby Gosford.

Ultimately, police searched eight homes and arrested five men ranging in age from 27 to 54.

The men are charged with offences relating to the importation of and attempt to possess a controlled drug.