The Fifth Estate: Who’s Killing The Rizutto’s?


Along with his father, Vito Rizzuto built a criminal empire in Montreal. Drugs, extortion, loan-sharking … and millions upon millions of dollars, squirreled away in bank accounts from the Cayman Islands to Eastern Europe.

The Rizzutos ran their operation virtually unfettered for 30 years. But then, things began to unravel. Arrests, convictions and killings — those of Vito Rizzuto’s father and son among them — began to take their toll, and would ultimately de-throne Canada’s criminal kingpin, now serving the latter part of a twelve-year prison sentence in Colorado.

He gets out this fall. What happens then? And what to make of the latest assassination on Montreal’s North Shore? Did Sal “The Iron Worker” Montagna miscalculate when he tried to become Montreal’s ultimate crime boss?

Bob McKeown presents “Who’s Killing The Rizzutos?,” a fascinating and chilling look inside organized crime on both sides of the border. With the help of sources including a former FBI undercover officer who infiltrated the Bonanno empire in New York — the real-life Donnie Brasco — McKeown exposes the mafia kingpins, crimes committed and the men behind them, and looks ahead to a potential wave of bloody revenge many in Montreal fear will be unleashed later this year.

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