My Life: Tom Folsom [Part 1]


Check out the first installment of our interview with Tom Folsom author of best selling books Mr. Untouchable: The Rise, Fall, And Resurrection Of Heroin’s Teflon Don, The Mad Ones: Crazy Joe Gallo And The Revolution At The Edge Of The Underworld and is preparing to release Hopper: A Journey Into The American Dream. Inside the reading room of his New York loft we find out about his first major book project writing the biography of legendary Harlem gangster Leroy “Nicky” Barnes which required him to meet with him while in the witness protection program. Tom shares some never before heard stories from the two year process including Nicky’s reaction first watching the trailer to ‘American Gangster’ which starred Denzel Washington and was based on the life of one of his rivals Frank Lucas.

Via TheLifeFiles