Inside Mexican Cartels | Tijuana Drug Lords


In the late 80´s the Arellano-Felix brothers take over the Tijuana Cartel in the north of Mexico. They start to gain billions of dollars using a network of modified cars, tunnels, boats, and even planes; becoming the world´s largest and most powerful smugglers of cocaine.

The multimillionaire business became more violent as competing cartels wanted to take a piece of the cake. Numerous gang bangers were recruited (some of them American) to defend the business taking a toll of thousands of victims in a war that terrorized the whole Tijuana population. Decapitations, mutilations and all sort of horrible tortures where used to intimidate the other gangs.

The Mexican and the US government ally to take the brothers down but they are incapable of solving the whole problem in which United States puts the party and Mexico the bodies.