B.C. Gangsters in Over Their Heads in Mexico


Gangsters from British Columbia are increasingly doing business with drug cartels in Mexico — a recklessly naive trend that has resulted in five deaths in the past four years, police say.

As part of a weeklong series on the effects of the Mexican drug war, CBC News spoke with law enforcement officials in B.C.’s Lower Mainland who say the killings are a clear sign greed is driving local gangs to do business in Mexico.

“It’s just naiveté — they have no idea who they’re messing with,” said Doug Spencer, a former gang investigator with the Vancouver Police Department.

“They’re messing with people that kill 50 people and decapitate their heads and throw them in a grave — an unnamed grave — and these gangsters up here think they can go down there and play ball with those guys? They’re finding out pretty quick what it’s like, right?”

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