Taliban Behead 17 for Having Party


THE corpses of 17 villagers beheaded by the Taliban for throwing a party and playing MUSIC were found yesterday.Two women accused of DANCING with their neighbours were among those savagely executed.

Fanatics heard the revels and swooped to punish those failing to heed their ban on “decadent” behaviour. A local in Afghanistan’s Helmand province said grimly: “Victims threw a late-night dance and music party — and the Taliban attacked.”

The horror — 46 miles north of provincial capital Lashkar Gah — last night fuelled fears Nato’s withdrawal will see the country return to the dark days of Taliban rule.

Prior to the 2001 invasion all music and film was banned as un-Islamic. Last night the Taliban denied it was responsible for the beheadings in Musa Qala.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai said it showed what his people face if the fanatics get their way again. Hours later two US soldiers were shot dead by an Afghan army “colleague”. The culprit, himself shot dead, was said by Afghan forces to have fired accidentally.