Man Caught at YVR with 42 Cocaine-filled Condoms in his Stomach


Vancouver — A man is facing drug trafficking and smuggling charges after he was caught allegedly trying to fly to Australia last month with 42 cocaine-filled condoms in his stomach.

The man was tripped up verbally by border agents who questioned him as he prepared for his April 26 flight from Vancouver International Airport to Sydney. After he was interviewed more thoroughly, officers suspected he had swallowed drugs. They arrested him and escorted him to a hospital, where he later expelled the 42 condoms with what police suspect is 1.26 kg of liquid cocaine, though test results aren’t back yet.

“This seizure highlights the vigilance of our border services officers, as their training and experience led them to intercept a significant amount of suspected illegal drugs, even when such drastic concealment methods were used,” said head of YVR’s Canada Border Services Agency Ken Macpherson in news release.

The man and his suspected drugs were transferred to Richmond RCMP. A week after the arrest police recommended charges to Crown counsel.

Police won’t release the man’s name or any other information about him.