With All Due Respect, Brittany Murphy Partied Hard


As we get further away from the day that Brittany Murphy passed away, more and more secrets begin to unveil about her partying and drug habits but at first she just died of ‘NATURAL CAUSES‘. Some people are shocked but most people in Hollyweird are NOT:

A makeup artist said Murphy dabbled too much in heroin and cocaine and referred to the star’s reputed eating disorder, which left her shockingly skinny toward the end.

“She had too many drugs and too little food,” the makeup artist said.

Coroners completed an autopsy yesterday, but refused to release any findings until results of the toxicology exams come back.

Large amounts of prescription
medication” on her bedroom nightstand — and empty med bottles. They included anti-seizure drugs, an anti-inflammatory, Prozac, anti-anxiety meds, an antibiotic and painkillers Vicobrofen and Hydrocodone.

“Clueless” director Amy Heckerling admitted she’d fallen out of touch with Brittany says “There have been rumblings that she’s not the same girl I worked with — as for her health — for a while. Obviously, I can’t say that I know this for sure. But when you hear of a 32-year-old girl dying of natural causes, then you know, health-wise, she just wasn’t in the same place.”

Ed Winter, of the LA coroner’s office, said “They’ve been saying that there were issues, but we haven’t had it firsthand yet,” he said. “We’re trying to gather all the information.”

Interesting, Brittany Murpy goes into cardiac arrest and dies, they say she died of “NATURAL CAUSES.” MJ went in cardiac arrest and died, he… Well, you get what we’re saying!!!

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