Who Earns What: TV’s Highest Paid Stars


If you star on a hit TV-show, odds are you’re probably making the big bucks. TV Guide has revealed a list of the starting salaries of some of TVs most recognizable stars, reminding everyone again just how little they make in comparison.  Want a sample? Ashton Kutcher makes $700,000 dollars per episode of Two and a Half Men, Pauly D makes $175,000 an episode for Jersey Shore, and Mariah Carey is reported to make $17 million dollars per season during her time on American Idol. It’s a bit hard to feel sympathetic towards theModern Family cast after their demands for a raise when each member is making $175,000. Listed below (via TVGuide) are some other celebrities bloated paychecks that make you want to slam your head against the wall:

Drama (per episode):
Mark Harmon (NCIS): $500,000
Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy): $350,000
Kevin Bacon (The Following): $175,000
Lucy Liu (Elementary): $125,000
Stephen Amell (Arrow): $30,000

Comedy (per episode):
Ashton Kutcher (Two and a Half Men): $700,000
Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): $300,000
Modern Family Adult Cast: $175,000 each
Lea Michele (Glee): $75,000
Crystal the Monkey (Animal Practice): $12,000

Late Night (per year):
David Letterman: $28 million
Jay Leno: $25 million
Jon Stewart: $16 million
Craig Ferguson: $8 million
Chelsea Handler: $8 million

Daytime/Syndication (per year):
Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy): $45 million
Joe Brown (Judge Joe Brown): $20 million
Kelly Ripa (Live! With Kelly): $20 million
Sherri Shepherd (The View): $1.5 million
Mario Batali (The Chew): $6,000 per episode

Mariah Carey (American Idol): $17 million per season
Howard Stern (America’s Got Talent): $15 million per season
Pauly DelVecchio (Jersey Shore): $175,000 per episode
Betty White (Off Their Rockers): $50,000 per episode
Landry Family (Swamp People): $25,000 per episode

News (per year):
Matt Lauer (Today): $21.5 million
Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Factor): $15 million
Diane Sawyer (ABC World News): $12 million
Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper 360 and Anderson Live): $11 million
Robin Meade (HLN anchor): $750,000

via Ology