What’s Beef? Joe Budden Confronts Consequence at Hot 97


Joe Budden took an opportunity, while at a radio station, to confront Consequence Tuesday. Caught on video, the “Love & Hip Hop” stars exchanged words, with Joe Budden saying Consequence “crossed” him just hours after having a conversation face to face.

“If either one of you have something you want to address with me, we can do it now,” Joe Budden said, confronting Consequence at New York radio station Hot 97.

The radio station was in between interviews when the unexpected confrontation took place. Consequence and Jen The Pen were there to talk about Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop.”

Blaming Raqi Thunda for talking a lot, taking him to level ten, Consequence told Joe Budden he has no issues with him, despite what was said during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” earlier this year.

“Raqi been out here running her f***ing mouth talking about her (Jen) like a dog. So n***as went up there on gas,” Consequence tried to explain, talking about “The Breakfast Club” interview. “When the sh*t came up with you, I didn’t even know me and you had whatever. Anytime it’s something, I’ll be the first to say it’s something. Especially if I just talked to you face to face… We on the same show. I would never cross you in public.”

Not liking what he heard, Joe Budden said “but you did cross me in public.”

Backpedaling, Consequence blamed “The Breakfast Club” for asking him a question about Joe Budden and the cast of the “Love & Hip Hop.”

“I didn’t cross you in public. Somebody asked me a question. I had no intentions of talking about you at all,” said Consequence.

While the entire exchange plays out in video above, including an awkward moment where Jen The Pen interrupts both of them trying to find out where the garbage can is, Joe Budden made one thing very clear. He’s not in the business of being fake, laughing and talking, and then turning around and saying something foul about someone else on radio.

“Just so we’re clear, they are going to continue to ask you questions. Never speak again in life, it’s nothing,” Joe says in video. “I’m certainly not in the business of seeing people one day and hearing radio interviews the next.”