RIDIC Convo Of The Day: Young Girls


****R sends a picture of a girl to T****

T: Who the fuck is she? She’s ILL….

R: For sure.

****R sends another picture to T****

T: I cant stop looking… how the hell you get all these pics?

R: My family friend I grew up with–they’re cousins or something, but i never grew up with HER… just the cousin

****R sends another picture to T****

T: Very beautiful. Pretty Not Bad.

R: I wish I had the “older cousin swag” but not “blood swag”

T: Lucky guy who ever locks that one down

R: Dang du, Would YOU? if you had “the older cousin swag” but not “blood swag”?

T: Naw, thats a lil weird. 10 year older swag?!?!?! maybe more like “family friend 4 year older, girl next door sweetheart swag”—NOT “I used to babysit you swag”… getdafuckouttaherewitdatshit SWAG!

R: LOL, look @ her Face though.

****R sends another picture to T****

T: Man shes dope… I’d seriously try dating her though–I’d treat her GOOD.

R: I’d hope she’s intelligent…such a waste if she’s a complete moron

T: Agreed.
****R sends another picture to T****
R: Look @ her face… *cute duck* lips. *quak quak quak* I’d make her quack like a duck and if she did i’d probably marry her

T: We’re probably gonna go to hell– you realize this right?

R: …..like Jeezy…. VIP line.

T: You’re RIDIC!!!!

R: Im weirdo like that. I bet she would be cute if she quacked…

T: Okay, send me another picture…