Kris Por Studio Photography


Kris Por is a conceptual artist, photographer, and retoucher known for expressing popular culture with a hyper-realistic aesthetic. Infatuated with the allure of fashion and advertising, his work provokes a modernized, commercialized, and sexualized world from a surrealist perspective. Kris has produced many commissioned paintings which now reside in the private collections of art buyers across western British Columbia. He has recently stopped painting artwork to focus his time more heavily on fashion photography, portraits, and gallery representation. Currently Kris works in Vancouver and LA with hopes to expand collaborations with more unique artists, models, designers, and celebrity personalities. He imagines elaborate photo shoots in order to emphasize the talents and personas of the subjects in each image.

Felisia McGinn

Carolina Sanchez

Danielle Flasha


Shay McQueen

Neon Heels

Carolina Sanchez