Jennifer Anniston x Paul Rudd | GQ Interview + Photo Shoot


Meet America’s Most Famous New Fake Couple—Paulifer! (or is it Anirudd?). Brett Martin gets Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd squabbling about marriage, death, and Jen’s (imaginary) quadruplets. Take the JUMP to read the interview and see the photo shoot.



This is an excerpt from the March 2012 issue of GQ. To read more, pick up the issue on newsstands.

It had not occurred to me before actually meeting Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd just how long I’d known them. Both have been in the public eye seemingly forever—and in more or less the exact same manifestation (which is to say they both look astonishingly the same as they did two decades ago). So seeing them in physical space is eerily like spotting an acquaintance at an airport. Except, of course, that in a real-life airport, Aniston’s face would be plastered across an array of tabloid covers trumpeting the rumor du jour—most recently that she was pregnant with twins by and/or had eloped with Justin Theroux, Aniston and Rudd’s co-star in the new comedyWanderlust. (For religious followers of the epic Jen Cycle, this latest coupling with Theroux, seemingly smart, multitalented, and very funny, has been hailed as a high point.)

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