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The Vitals:

Name – Ange
DOB – November 14, 1987
Hometown- Ottawa, ON
Currently Located – Toronto, ON
Height - 5’2.5″
Weight – 108 lbs
Shoe Size – 7
Measurements – 33-25-35
Eye Colour – brown
Hair Colour – dark brown
Skin Colour – tanned
Enthicity – mixed (half Filipino and half French-Canadian and Scottish)
Occupation – I’m a full-time university student of International Development Studies and a part-time model. I’m hoping to be a journalist, writing about issues in developing countries.

GRiND365: Hello Ange. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us. I guess we should start with how you got started in modelling? What was your first gig?

Ange: One of my friends studied photography. To see her profile online at the time, I had to become a member of Model Mayhem. So I submitted my pictures to apply and made a little profile, but I had no intention of being a model. I received some messages from good photographers willing to help me make a portfolio and then the paid jobs just kind of appeared! My first paid gig was with a photographer who is working on a book. I got to take home a pretty dress and a cheque!

A cheque and a dress? Hell, that ain’t half bad… So would you say you model for the love or strictly for the money?

To be honest, I do model for the money. If I didn’t get paid, I might do the odd shoot to have some nice pictures of myself but I am definitely in this to pay for school. Once I’m done school, this career is over!

Tell me about your best/worst gig?

My most fun shoot was a group shoot just for portfolio development. I used to shoot with this Meet Up group where we’d get a large group of models, make up artists and photographers to do different themed shoots. Lots of kind, fun, talented people having a lot of fun for a day. In the fall of 2007, we shot in a fake Western town just outside of Pickering. We dressed up in full Western clothing and I got to ride a horse! It was a relaxed day where we got to be really creative.

I haven’t had any really horrible shoots, but my weirdest shoot was to develop the portfolio of a middle aged male model. He hired me in the dead of winter to shoot in the woods with Japanese katana swords. He wanted it to look really authentic, so he made me practice using the sword. So a super white Russian dude and I pretended to have a sword fight in knee deep snow. While we were waiting for the light to improve outside, he showed me his gun collection and his “souvenirs” -he keeps part of every animal he hunts in a box in his closet. Including squirrels. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a dried out squirrel skin. Or five. For lunch, he gave me a can of salmon and a fork.

Is your family supportive of your modellng?

My family likes most of the pictures but I definitely avoid sending anything too risque to them. I think I scarred my father for life by sending my parents pictures that included a sort of side-boob shot from my second shoot. They get all of the cute, commercial images!
Forgive me if this sounds a little personal but do you have a favourite/most hated feature about yourself?

I love my freckles. It’s fun having tanned skin but with little “white girl” freckles on my cheeks! I am happy with my body -it’s fairly healthy and functional so I won’t rag on any of it.

I won’t rag on any of it either. :) You’re definitely an attractive young woman, but I want to know what is sexy to you?

Brains, brains, brains. And pretty eyes don’t hurt, either!

Oh come on… that’s the politically correct answer–I guess that’ll have to do. I do agree though that a person with brains does add another layer of sex appeal. So Ange, when you’re not cramming for a test or in front of the camera, what do you do on your down time?

I’m an old woman; I love knitting and reading. School is really busy but I still manage to make time to play volleyball and be vice president of the Students’ Association for International Development. I do a lot of work on getting Fair Trade on campus.

I used to perform in musicals when I was in high school! I miss it a lot. Singing and acting are the hobbies I had to give up when I came to university. Maybe one day again!

What are your plans for after you finish school?

I’m going to travel east Asia with my two best friends next fall and after that…who knows? A masters in journalism? College for journalism? Working for a development organization abroad?

We at GRiND365 are huge music buffs and want to know what kind of music do you listen to? Name a few songs/artists on heavy rotation.

I like a little bit of everything. Metric, K’Naan, The Stars and Imogen Heap are all on pretty heavy rotation in my world right now.

Wow I’m impressed, thats some eclectic taste Ange–very indicative to Toronto. Speaking of which, next time I’m in Toronto what would you suggest that I do or where to go?

Kensington Market is the place to be! I just had my 22nd birthday and starting it off with crepes from Hibiscus with organic Fair Trade coffee was the perfect way to kick it off.

Well I’ll keep that in mind Ms. Cruz. I always have a good time in Toronto.

This Or That:

looks or brains? Brains

money or love? Love

quiet night in or wild night on the town? Quiet Night

apartment d/t or house in the burbs? Downtown all the way!

dress and heel or jeans and sneakers? Dress and heels

shoppin spree or a vacation? Vacation

iphone or blackberry? Blackberry

pc or mac? PC

Sens or Leafs? Ottawa Senators, baby!

Once again, a very special thank you Ange for takin’ time out to do this interview. We are looking forward to seeing more of your work and photos in the near future. Make sure to let us know when you make it out to Vancity! Holla.

–Interview by Micah Verceles

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