5 Miraculous Medical Recovery Stories


Miraculous medical recoveries give people with chronic illnesses hope of recovery. Medical recoveries happen around the world in various medical centers, but some are more miraculous than others. Here are five miraculous medical recoveries that made headlines.

1. Amanda Legault’s Baby: Survived Without a Heartbeat

When Legault had her baby, he was stillborn after an emergency C-Section. The baby suffered from brain damage, and expert doctors thought the baby would die. Though the baby had no brain damage, the prognosis seemed grim. Later, the baby recovered with only a few hearing issues. By the baby’s second birthday, he was still doing well.

2. Ayanda Nqinana: Seven-Year Coma

While on the sleeping pill known as Stilnox, Nquinana was in a car accident and slipped into a coma that lasted seven years. From 2005 to 2012, the family was in a constant state of uncertainty waiting to determine if Nqinana would arise from a seven-year coma. Nqinana’s wife conducted research to develop a treatment for his comatose state. The treatment only required five days to take effect.

3. Karrie Aitken: Hearing Impairment Recovery

Karrie Aitken spent every day of her life with a noise in her ear that sounded like a heart pounding. She often reported that even the sound of chewing potato chips was like a gun being fired next to her head. Aitkens lived with this condition for seven months. The condition was diagnosed as superior semicircirular canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS). After surgery, she no longer experienced any problems.

4. Jeff Everett: Survival of Lymphoma and Crohn’s Disease

At the age of 19, Everett was misdiagnosed with appendicitis. When he had an unnecessary appendectomy, he developed an infection and went into shock. Though the infection was severe, he still managed to survive. They were able to perform a surgery to rectify the problems that he experienced.
During the surgery, they discovered that Everett had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Crohn’s disease. The physicians treated Everett for six months for the conditions. Though he experienced a glimmer of recovery from cancer and infection, he still had a weak immune system and a rare staph infection. The worst was not over even after this diagnosis.

He later experienced 48 hours of paralysis and had 24 hours to live, but it wasn’t enough to stop his amazing recovery. Fifteen years passed, and Everett is still alive. He is a miraculous recovery that is to be noted in medical history books.

5. Stephanie Montalvo: Hearing Restored

High-tech hearing aids were provided for Montalvo to restore here hearing. The hearing aids were provided by Starkey Hearing Technologies. This company has awarded hearing aids to more than 800,000 hearing impaired children.

There is Always Hope for Recovery

There is hope for recovery for patients who are chronically ill. These medical recoveries prove that improvements in modern medicine and the best doctors will lead to recovery. Review more miraculous medical recoveries for more inspiration.

About the Author
Dr Lindsay Martin is a GP from Auckland, New Zealand. She says that even in the worst cases where the odds are stacked against a patient, you should never give up hope. She says that if you are looking for the best medical jobs New Zealand has to offer, you should contact the professionals at Health Staff Recruitment.