Diamond Encrusted Tattoos


For tattoos have remained the property of sailors, outlaws and biker gangs, it might surprise a few to see one featured here in a luxury portal. But now that it has made its way to the blinged world of luxury, here’s what goes into the making of world’s most expensive tattoo.

Valued at $924,000, the world’s most expensive tattoo is created by the South African brand Shimansky by encrusting 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds on their model’s skin, using a water-based adhesive to show off the luxury brand’s wares. While money shouldn’t be an object when it comes to tattoos, you might consider the painstaking eight hours to get one “encrusted.” So, for those who are up for all the pain and moolah can get one across the eight local and four international Shimansky stores.

Courtesy of Bornrich