Kitsilano Tops the List of 10 Cheating Neighbourhoods in Vancouver


Think your next-door neighbour might be getting a little nookie on the side? If you live in Kitsilano, the chances are pretty high — at least compared with other parts of Vancouver.

The affair website has released the top 10 cheating neighbourhoods in the Metro Vancouver area, per capita, and the naughty denizens of Kitsilano topped the list.

“Vancouver, like other big cities, who you are is strongly related to where you live,” said founder and CEO Noel Biderman in a release Wednesday. “Each neighbourhood has a personality and the people who live there tend to identify strongly with that.

“The question everyone is asking is: Does the community impact the people within it, or are certain personality types drawn to those areas?”

In other words, what came first? That cheating heart or the home in the heart of Kitsilano?

Here are Vancouver’s top 10 cheating neighbourhoods per capita:

1. Kitsilano

2. West Vancouver

3. Shaughnessy

4. Burnaby

5. Yaletown

6. Downtown

7. Surrey

8. Richmond

9. New Westminster

10. MacKenzie Heights

Some other demographic nuggets the affair service found:

• members in Burnaby have the most children on average;

• Downtown has the most women members;

• Yaletown has the most single members.

The website, launched in 2002, has been heavily criticized by some for encouraging adultery, but that hasn’t stopped its growth. now boasts 13 million members in 22 countries, including 1.2 million in Canada.


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