Getting Back in to the Dating Scene


Dating. No one said it was going to be easy. You’ve gone on all the online dating sites and the blind dates your mom set you up with. You’ve lost count of how many Friday nights you’ve gone to a bar or a club and left with nothing but frustration and a lighter wallet. But don’t be discouraged, every day there are millions of people out there looking for their other half, and your other half is out there. But what does a guy have to do to find that perfect match? Here are some tips to get you started.

Look the Part

People say looks aren’t everything, but let’s be honest: oftentimes the only thing that will get a girl to talk to you over the guy standing next to you is the way you look. Before she talks to either of you, the way you look will be the only thing setting you apart, the only aspect of you that she can use to make a decision on whether to talk to you or the other guy. This is not to say you should just give up if you don’t look like Ryan Gosling, but just look presentable.

Dress appropriately for the environment you’re in and make sure you’re clean and well groomed. Anybody can get a nice haircut, take a shower, shave and put on some cologne – and most guys around you probably did- so if you’re the guy that forgot to do that today, you’re already behind in the race. Working out is also a great way to add more points on “the scale” with women. A fit body is one of the first things men and women notice when they meet someone, and can help you garner more interest from the opposite sex.

Be Confident

What is even more important than the way you look in the dating game is the way you act, and the keyword here is “confidence”. There is definitely some truth to the phrase “nice guys finish last”. It’s not that girls don’t like nice guys; it’s just that they don’t like some of the things that nice guys are prone to do. “Nice” guys typically try to be overly courteous and tread very lightly in an attempt to not offend women. This often results in someone who is timid, doesn’t speak their mind, and agrees to everything a woman says.

Women don’t often express this, but they like men who will challenge them, men who will poke fun at them and give off the demeanor that the woman should pursue them, not the other way around. This takes confidence. Confidence can also negate much of “looking the part” as discussed in the previous tip, because remember, you only have to stand out physically if you’re waiting for the woman to approach you. A confident guy always approaches the woman.

Remember: Stay Positive!

Now, you can look as good and be as confident as you want, but there are still going to be ones that get away. The key here is to not get discouraged. With millions of women out there looking for a man, it would be unrealistic to give up after only a few tries.

With the insurmountable number of tips out there that you can try to commit to memory, at the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that dating is a numbers game. If you maintain a positive mindset and not let whatever the last girl said affect you, then you will eventually find someone that just clicks. The odds are definitely in your favor. Just relax, be confident, and above all, be patient.

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