In WTF News: Man Cooks Testicles And Serves Them At A Banquet


ONLY IN JAPAN. A Japanese man named Mao Sugiyama who describes himself as asexual wants to be able to wear transparent clothing, so he decided to remove all his genitalia. First he offered it up on Twitter with this message but only got 6 offers:

“Please retweet. I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen…. I will prepare and cook as the buyer requests, at his chosen location.”

After his Tweet went viral Mao decided to organize a larger event where he could serve as chef and amazingly 70 people showed up to watch as the 6 buyers consumed his genitalia and nipples which he also removed. There is no law against cannibalism in Japan.